Capital Strength is a place for anyone who wants to get stronger, move better or explore and hone the art of Olympic Weighting. It is the only custom designed, and best equipped, weightlifting facility in the Capital, located in the heart of Dublin City.

At Capital Strength we live & breathe movement. We are dedicated to improving the quality of strength training and athletic movement. Whether you’re an absolute beginner, an Olympic hopeful or a Master lifter whose goal is to keep Defying Gravity for as long as you can, we have unrivalled experience and expertise in Olympic Weightlifting, movement mechanics and mobility to help you do it.

We offer supervised training in a top class facility for all our members, with a weightlifting coach on hand at all times. We also offer training in mobility and flexibility, and Physical Therapy Treatment including Dry Needling.

Capital Strength is headed up by Coach Harry Leech, a veteran of Irish Weightlifting and one of the most experienced and well respected weightlifting coaches in the country, who inspirits the Club with his extensive knowledge of and passion for the sport.