At Capital Strength our goal is to help as many people as possible become the best weightlifters they can be. In order to facilitate entry into the sport, we run classes in Weightlifting technique. If you’re just starting out these are a great way to learn the lifts and get to the stage where you’re ready to follow your own programme. Classes are small, with a maximum of six people per coach so that each participant is guaranteed individual attention. Classes can be bought quarterly as part of membership; non-members can drop in to classes by prior arrangement for a fee of €20.

Weightlifting Technique, ongoing bi-weekly

We start each class with a movement specific warm up to help get you ready to get into the necessary positions. From there we take one of the lifts and break it down into individual movements. We use our own method of training the lifts which we have developed over the last 8 years and focus heavily on solid technique.

Many of our beginners are snatching from the floor with correct technique in just a few weeks & we have yet to meet someone we can’t teach the lifts to. By taking this class you will be drilling positions which will serve you for the rest of you weightlifting-life.

If you’ve had a bit of experience with the lifts then in the class we do less teaching and more correcting. If you have some experience with the snatch and clean & jerk, whether weeks or years, in this class you will receive the feedback and coaching you need to perfect your technique and continue to improve lift by lift.

Barbell Basics, ongoing weekly in four to six week blocks

This is a stand alone course with rolling enrollment which runs over approximately a 6 week period. Each class focuses on one basic barbell movement such as the squat, deadlift, overhead press or row, or a with variation thereof. Participants will be introduced to the basic movements with coaching to ensure safe technique and avoid injury, along with explanations of how to progress weights using appropriate equipment such as dumbbells and barbells. The goal of this course is to give people a good workout while also teaching them sounds technical movements which they can take away and use in their own training or can serve as a good foundation for starting at the Olympic lifts, or general strength training off of our programmes here at Capital Strength.

The small print

There are few pre-requisites to take any of our classes, though we do ask that you get in touch beforehand to ensure you’ll be in the best class for you. Preferred attire consists of either leggings, shorts, or tighter tracksuit bottoms which are not restrictive to a deep squat position; and solid, flat shoes with laces which can be tightened securely (weightlifting shoes are not necessary, though if you have some, by all means bring them along!)

We hope to see you in one of our classes soon!

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