Bespoke Coaching

As well as classes for our members, at Capital Strength we also offer one-on-one coaching in the Olympic Lifts, Barbell Strength training, Flexibility and Mobility for Sports and Acrobatic Strength.

Whether you want to immerse yourself in competitive weightlifting; learn about gymnastic strength training; are an athlete who could do with improving your explosive listing technique to get more from your training; an S&C coach who wants to be able to add to their exercise arsenal; or a CrossFitter who wants to Clean up your Clean, and upend your handstand, we can help you reach your goals.

We offer personal coaching on a one-to-one basis or in small groups. We will work on your technique, and on overcoming mechanical and muscular limitations in strength & mobility to make you a better, stronger and more efficient athlete. Over the past decade we have worked with athletes and coaches from a variety of backgrounds including:
  • Strength & Conditioning coaches who work with county, national and international athletes
  • Beginners who go on to become national champions & win medals at international competition
  • National & international athletes who want to get more from their gym sessions to make them stronger, faster & more explosive
  • CrossFit competitors and Box Owners who want to improve their efficiency in Weightlifting movements
  • Professional performers who want to up their skill level and prevent injury and many more

Our rates start at €65 per session for one-on-one coaching, and vary for groups depending on the size. Feel free to send us an email, message us on Facebook or call us any time to discuss your needs; we’d love to work with you!
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