Alexandria Craig – Movement & Mobility Specialist, Weightlifting Coach

Alexandria Craig is a Neuromuscular and Physical Therapist, Olympic Weightlifting Coach and Movement & Mobility Specialist based in Dublin, Ireland.

Alex comes to physical therapy, weightlifting and mobility from a unique perspective. After training under top international coaches at the San Francisco School of Circus Arts, along with specialised training in Europe and the US, Alex spent almost a decade travelling the world as a professional acrobat and circus performer.

Performing acrobatics, trapeze, aerial rope, tissue and straps in front of audiences on four continents, Alex also chose to specialise in  one of the most physically demanding disciplines, the German Wheel, which requires immense strength, control, balance & mobility.

Ten years as a professional acrobat and circus performer took their toll on her body however, and following a series of recurring hip & back injuries, Alex trained formally as a Neuromuscular & Physical Therapist and turned her attention to another form of heavy object manipulation – Olympic Weightlifting.

With cumulative training of a little over 18 months, Alex became one of the top ranked female weightlifter in Irish history, breaking numerous records in the 53kg and 48kg weight categories, and has competed and medaled internationally representing Ireland. At 5 foot tall and 105 pounds, Alex has the stated goal of being able to “lift all the weights” and is proud to be–pound for pound–one of the strongest women in Ireland.

Working as a coach and therapist Alex draws on her unique background as a professional acrobat and acrobatics coach; her continuous training in manual and movement therapies; and her experience as one of Ireland’s top ranked weightlifters.

As an acrobat Alex learned the do’s & don’ts of mobility and flexibility the hard way, often bearing the brunt of poor advice & outmoded training methods on her own body. As an international-level strength athlete herself, she has a unique understanding of what athletes need from a physical therapist.

Alex’s underlying passion is for movement, using corrective and manual strategies to improve efficiency of movement and prevent injury for athlete’s and weekend warriors. She uses hands-on and exercise technique to maintain and regain mobility, promote stability, and optimize neuromuscular efficiency.

Alex has the tools to help you become more mobile & flexible, move more efficiently on and off the pitch, track or field, become stronger & more powerful, and ultimately avoid injury and increase performance, whatever your sport.

Areas of expertise

  • Mobility & flexibility training for sport
  • Olympic Weightlifting
  • Neuromuscular & Physical Therapy
  • Acrobatic flexibility/stretching
  • Body-weight and gymnastic training


  •  Neuromuscular & Physical Therapy
  • Weightlifting Ireland Level 1 Weightlifting coach
  • First Aid qualified; Garda vetted; Code of Ethics compliant