Adolescents’ Summer Programme

Capital Strength are very excited to be running dedicated Adolescent programme of weightlifting for fitness and sport performance the Summer.

The goal is to provide Adolescent athletes with expert coaching in learning the weightlifting movements. This will be of great benefit to those already participating in sports and those looking to improve fitness and health overall.

During July and the start of August, we will be running three morning classes a week where adolescents (ages 12-17) will be instructed in the weightlifting movements by fully qualified and vetted weightlifting coaches. These movements are used across the Sporting world–from Athletics to Rugby to Swimming–as strength and conditioning tools to improve speed, power and coordination. Weightlifting is also a safe and exciting sport unto itself and one that may be pursued throughout life.

Classes will run Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday mornings from 10:15 for approximately an hour and a half with numbers strictly limited to keep a high coach to athlete ratio. Young athletes will be taken through full body movement preparation, followed by a technical weightlifting session using our specialised, light weight technique equipment and finishing with specific strengthening exercises and stretching.

The price for six weeks with 3 sessions per week, will be €250. Please email for more information or use the form below to reserve a place now!