Capital Strength Open 2013

ImageCapital Strength is delighted to host the Capital Strength Open on September 14th 2013. The competition is open to all members of Weightlifting Ireland and will count towards the 2013 national ranking list.

The first weigh-in will take place at 10.00, with the first group starting at 12.00. The provisional schedule is as follows:

  • Weigh-in 1 (Female beginner/intermediate) 10.00am – 11.00 , competition starts 12.00
  • Weigh-in 2 (Male beginner/intermediate) 11.30 – 12.30, competition starts 13.30
  • Weigh-in 3 (Female intermediate & senior) 12.30 – 13.30, competition starts 14.30
  • Weigh-in 4 (Male intermediate & senior) 14.00 – 15.00, competition starts 16.00

A final start list and times for weigh-ins etc will be published on Wednesday 11th of September, with athletes streamed based on their entry totals.

Entry fee for beginners (1st-3rd competition) – €15

Entry fee for all others will be €20

There will be 4 x warm-up platforms with full men’s & women’s sets on each platform on the day of the competition. The warm-up area will be strictly restricted to athletes & their coaches.

All competitors must be members of Weightlifting Ireland – membership may be purchased on the day of the competition, or you can pay in advance here.

Please be aware, as with all Weightlifting Ireland events this competition is subject to Irish Sports Council Rules on anti-doping and all athletes must make themselves available for drug-testing if requested. More details on Weightlifting Ireland’s anti-doping policy can be found here.  

Please note, in order to secure your entry, payment must be made in advance via PayPal, cash or cheque, please email for details. We cannot guarantee any places will be available on the day of the competition. 


The warm-up area for the Capital Strength Open 2013

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