Oktoberfest 2017

Weightlifting! Competition! Prizes! Beer!

Capital Strength annual are pleased to announce the return of our annual

Oktoberfest which will be held on Saturday the 28th of October. The theme is of course Barbells & Brews; i.e. weightlifting and beer. We’re hoping to have our neighbours from Dot Brewery in with tastings on the day for those over 18, and a social barbeque/potluck for everyone afterwards.

As well as our usual No Suits, No Scales event, we will also be having a Team Weightlifting competition open to all, with a novel format and prizes!

The team event will use the simplified German scoring system based on Total, gender and body weight (although there will be no weight classes) and will be open to mixed teams of 4, with prizes for the winning Team.

Anyone can form a team and diversity is encouraged, so feel free to ask friends from other Clubs or Crossfits etc

The form to book your place can be found below: