Jim Schmitz Seminar

Capital Strength

JIM_SCHMITZ12Capital Strength are delighted to announce that we will again host a seminar with three time US Olympic Coach Jim Schmitz on Wednesday, the 19th of November in Dublin.

Jim Schmitz is one of the most experienced and successful weightlifting coaches in the western hemisphere, coaching 10 weightlifting Olympians, including the last American man to win an Olympic medal in weightlifting.

He was U.S. Olympic Weightlifting Team Coach at the 1980, 1988 & 1992 Olympic Games and was also the Technical Controller for the weightlifting at the 1984 Olympics – i.e. the man who ran the weightlifting competition at those Olympic Games.

Jim has coached some of the strongest men in history, including Ken Patera the first American to clean & Jerk over 500lbs (227kg) and the only American to Press over 500lbs in competition; Bruce Wilhelm, the first American to snatch over 400lbs (182kg) in competition and later two-time…

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