Barbell Basics Course!

Are you or a loved one interested in getting into strength training, becoming a badass and surviving the zombie apocalypse but just not sure where or how to start? Fear not! Capital Strength is introducing our brand new
Barbell Basics Course

An introduction to the basics of strength training using plate loaded barbells

Strength training is a wonderful tool which can benefit anyone at any stage of life health or fitness, however often the gym can be an intimidating place and not knowing where to start in the free weights section has stopped a lot of people before they’ve even gotten started. For those who do jump in without proper guidance, unfortunately the risk of injury is high, and the wide range of advice available from so many sources only compounds this.
Capital Strength is a professional weightlifting club, focusing on mastering the basics of precise technical movements before progressing to more complicated variations. As such we are perfectly placed to introduce people to fundamentals of strength training with free weights, and so we have created our Barbell Basics course.

Who Would Benefit from This Course?

Anyone who is interested in general strength training but has little to no experience with using free weights. This course will introduce you to the equipment and basic movements required to get you started in the world of iron!


No active injuries and general good health
A basic level of fitness


This course runs over 6 weeks, with each class focusing on one basic barbell movement such as the squat, deadlift, overhead press or row, along with variations thereof. Participants will be introduced to the basic movements with coaching to ensure safe technique and avoid injury, along with explanations of how to progress weights using appropriate equipment such as dumbbells and barbells.
Monday nights from 6:30-7:30pm, starting Monday, the 8th of January 2018
Capital Strength Weightlifting Club, 9 Dolphin’s Barn, Dublin 8
How Much?
€120 for the full six week course